Saturday, November 26, 2011

DAY 3 - Riding the trike (year 9)

We woke up, to sunny weather and a nice breakfast cooked by Mr Ratcliffe. Then we prepared to move to pits, so we could start the race, but were flooded by the rain. Due to this the race was post-poned by an hour. By this point in time all of the riders were eager to get started so when the race finally started at 2:40 we were off to a good start.

Our first rider Ali, started of with 5 laps before returning to pits as the rain was fogging up the wind screen, due to lack of air. So we decided to take the canopy of to allow more air into the bike, this meant that it was fogging less, after a quick pit stop we were on the track again. As the race started late we were slightly behind schedule, but we recovered quickly, Steph making our fastest time so far of 2.50 min. Before we started our night shifts we came upon another problem, as the horn was no longer working, but we have decided to leave this for now until we can get a better look at it.

Then after this one of our tires blew and we had to change this as quickly as possible. Now at 11:00 pm we have just finished re-adjusting the chain, with the help of some of our neighbouring schools. As the entire mechanism fell apart. This took some time and we have only just started to regain our time, at the moment Courtney is in the bike, and things are looking quite well.

- Ali Der

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