Saturday, November 26, 2011

DAY 2 - The Trial

It is a annual occurrence of the Energy Breakthrough to have a trial run on the track the day before the race. This is an opportunity for trikes to be tested in the conditions of the racetrack and to fix anything that goes wrong.

The rain had kept away and the trial run proved to beneficial for both teams because things did go wrong.

It was the first time on the Energy Breakthrough track and the girls finally got a feel for the various twists turns including the infamous 'crash corner'. As the name bluntly suggests, this deadly turn has caused many crashes and accidents since its beginning.

It was also the first time the girls had other teams riding alongside them. Some of the teams in the competition are prone to excessive overtaking at top speed, which in turn becomes detrimental to unsuspecting riders. The girls learned to adapt to such circumstances and at the same time enjoy their first time on the track.

Some problems encountered included the lack of smooth gear and chain motion for the year 10 team and the year 9s needed to be efficient in pit changes.

The trial was short but it was enough for each girl to have a taste of what was to come for the big race.

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