Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day 3 - RACE DAY!

The morning of the race brought with it the ominous, black clouds that were sure to dampen our already excited spirits. The day has finally come! RACE DAY! All the hard-work, stress and effort all amount to this one day. Though, considering our previous luck, we sure did encounter problems even as we still ride now. Being approximately nine hours into this 24 hour race, the riders of each team shed blood sweat and tears in order to maximise the overall lap count.

The race began with every team lining up in starting positions at various points on the track. The front being the fastest and the back the slowest. Having those slight difficulties in the trial, both teams were positioned near the back. The anticipation was building up as the final minutes passed. Before we knew it the race was off and the fastest bikes had already zoomed passed. The first riders for the teams were Antoinette Moliterno for the Year 10 team and Ali Der for the Year 9 team. 

It is incredible to observe the strength and agility it takes to be a rider. The riders on both teams have showcased the talent that is involved with being a rider whether they are fit for it or not. There is no exaggeration when they say "endurance" race, because the key to success is to endure not only the ride but the harsh weather, cold nights, sleepless nights and aching muscles. The true test of endurance is being able to deal with all this yet retain a positive composure throughout the whole competition. 

This is easier said than done. At some points in the night, the pit tent was full of sleep-deprived girls who indefinitely had a short fuse. As the race continued and both teams gathered a steady pattern of action each time the trike came into pits. The time waiting was spent dancing, listening to music, chatting and organising the pit. The riders on the other hand took every opportunity to rejuvenate and rest. 

Being comfortable was a struggle for everyone with the cold, wet and wind affecting us especially in the late night and early morning. The girls were bundled with layers upon layers of blankets and jackets but the cold still found its way to terrorise us. 

Arci's Angels is currently performing amazingly. Their girls are fit and have been completing laps ranging from 2:50 minutes right up to 4 minutes. Considering that this is their first time at the EBT, they are currently placed 7th in the all-female division. 

The WIP is performing just as well however, there have been some setbacks with one of the riders having to stop riding because of a knee injury. Aside form that the girls have managed to brave it out and compete with one less rider. It has been challenging, however, because it  means that the remaining riders have shorter periods of rest before their next ride. 

With still a few more hours, every girl has been patient and willing to assist in anything that needs to be done. I think we all can't wait until are are back in our own beds away from the cold, but I think that we all want to finish the race first. GO TEAM WOOLWICH.

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