Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Race to the Start!

It is often said that "time is of the essence". This statement could not have been more true to both the year nine and ten teams registered in the EnergyBreakthrough for this years competition in Maryborough, Victoria. It seems that the pre-compeition stress has peaked early this year with both teams racing to finish their bikes in time for the coming race on the 25th of November. The past couple weeks have been trying for the teams to weld, build, screw and paint their respective bikes within the short time frame.

After months of difficulties and challenges the bikes are now near completion. 'Arci's Angels' (Year Nine) and 'The Wip' (Year 10) have now come to life with the efforts of the girls and most importantly their teachers and mentors, Mrs Arci and Mr Ratcliffe.

There is still so much to be done in these few short days before taking off to Victoria, but the girls are all buzzing with the excitement of the coming four days and the trials and tribulations that are sure to come their way. The race to the start is not over yet but once it all starts, then thats when the real race begins.

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