Friday, November 25, 2011

DAY 1- The Arrival

It has been six hours since the MSCW teams arrival at the Jubilee Oval in Maryborough, Victoria. The experienced year 11s are all to familiar with the sight of the camping ground, the year 10s are eager to re-live the memories of the previous year and the newbie year 9s are experiencing the scent of tents and dried grass for the first time.

Our journey began at precisely 7:15 in the morning, with grumpy teenagers awake far too early for their liking (Jessie). For others, it was the beginning of four days that would bring excitement and challenge. The plane trip was over before we knew it, however, the two hour bus ride was yet to begin. 

After stopping in a small town of no consequence for lunch we continued the rest of the ride to Maryborough. Filled with music, hot chips, and sing-a-longs, the bus ride was finally over and a collective gasp sounded as we drove past tent city. 

The sun was scorching and girls were already nursing burns to their backs, arms and necks. The gruelling task of setting up tents was not ideal for most of the girls considering the heat. The tents were soon up after many trials and the repetition of "Where does this pole go?". 

Our tent was conveniently located beside not only Catholic College Bendigo but the boys of North Geelong. The girls are certainly pleased with this. Socialising, however, was going to wait because there were bikes to be refined. 

All us 30 girls, by now, had become considerably familiar with the surroundings and had made up our temporary homes that had to be able to endure the harsh, cold nights.

Registration brought us one step closer to the competition with the teams registered into their positions whether it was a rider, support crew or pitt crew.

The free time after registration had both the year 9 and 10 teams working on the finishing touches on the bike. All the girls worked together showing how they can get the job done.

The sun had ceased to burn skin and gave way to the breeze which slowly built up the cold weather of the night. Our first day was fun, full and we all can't wait for what the next few days will hold. Well, we do know it will be a rainy one but for those who are well-packed, it won't be a problem :)

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